Definition of Front burner

1. Noun. Top priority. "The work was moved to the front burner in order to meet deadlines"

Generic synonyms: Precedence, Precedency, Priority
Antonyms: Back Burner

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Literary usage of Front burner

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The School Kitchen Textbook: Lessons in Cooking and Domestic Science for the by Mary Johnson Lincoln (1915)
"Put the coffee pot, with the needed amount of cold water, over the front burner, everything needed for this being found on the table or shelf. ..."

2. Elements of Fuel Oil and Steam Engineering: A Practical Treatise Dealing by Robert Sibley, Charles Henry Delany (1921)
"The result is that with the front burner arrangement a considerable portion of the heating surface is by-passed by the gases and is therefore, non-effective ..."

3. Housewifery: A Manual and Text Book of Practical Housekeeping by Lydia Ray Balderston (1921)
"The heat of the flame under the front burner is sufficient for slow cooking on the back burner. Such a top makes the gas stove top like the coal stove. ..."

4. Foods and Household Management: A Textbook of the Household Arts by Helen Kinne, Anna Maria Cooley (1914)
"Open the oven doors, and the door below, strike the match, turn on the leader, and light it, turn on the back burner, and then the front burner, ..."

5. Hand-book of American Gas-engineering Practice by Nisbet Latta (1907)
"Giant burner to be the left- hand front burner. Simmer burner to be located back of the front burners and not inside of any of the burners. ..."

6. The Daily Five: Fostering Literacy Independence in the Elementary Grades by Gail Boushey, Joan Moser (2006)
"We revisit I PICK in our newsletters at least once a month to keep it on the front burner for the kids as well as their caregivers. ..."

7. Natural Gas Industry (1921)
"... front burner Reflector Heater. Germer Stove Company. Erie, Pa. One Radiant Home Combination Gas and Coal Range, with White Enamel ..."

8. Adult Literacy And New Technologies: Tools For A Lifetime by Office of Technology Assessment (1994)
"... At the State level, coordination of human service programs has been a front-burner issue for several years, producing a variety of models.62 In fact, ..."

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