Definition of Fusionism

1. Noun. The political practice, principle or theory of forming groups, of fusion. ¹

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Definition of Fusionism

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Fusionism

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Spiritual Magazine (1876)
"... fusionism, and Romish Bigotry. Now, indeed, Spiritualists continue to resent indignantly the application to them of the prophecy in the 4th of Timothy, ..."

2. Studies in the American Race Problem by Alfred Holt Stone, Walter Francis Willcox (1908)
"The last remnant of "fusionism" disappeared with the elimination of the Negro masses from politics by modern ..."

3. Speeches on Political Questions [1850-1868] by George Washington Julian (1872)
"Whence came the strange infatuation that has invested fusionism with such charms, despoiling many of the leaders of the Independent Democracy of their ..."

4. History of McDonough County, Illinois: Its Cities, Towns and Villages, with by S. J. Clarke (1878)
"... and the defeat of the allied factions of Abolitionism, Know-Nothingism, fusionism and Republicanism, 'falsely so called,' which are arrayed against it. ..."

5. Kant, Lotze and Ritschl by Leonhard Stählin (1889)
"... and one cannot be surprised that Hartmann should have defined Lange's position as Con- fusionism.1 The two views of the world are so mixed up that ..."

6. A Few Chapters in Workshop Re-construction and Citizenship by Charles Robert Ashbee (1894)
"... barbier et fusionist," who sought to inspire the Paris Commune of 1871, with his new universal religion of " fusionism," was more wonderful still. ..."

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