Definition of Galvanised

1. Verb. (past of galvanise) ¹

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Definition of Galvanised

1. galvanise [v] - See also: galvanise

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Literary usage of Galvanised

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Trust Movement in British Industry: A Study of Business Organisation by Henry William Macrosty (1907)
"The galvanised sheet manufacture resembles the tinplate trade in that it has ... As early as October, 1883, we find a galvanised Iron Trade Association ..."

2. Works in Iron: Bridge and Roof Structures by Ewing Matheson, Handyside (Andrew) and Company (1877)
"The term " galvanised iron " is that which has for many years been given to articles of iron when coated with zinc ; the object of such coating being to ..."

3. Metals, Their Properties and Treatment by Charles Loudon Bloxam (1872)
"galvanised iron is ill-adapted for situations where it is much exposed to the acid ... Vessels of galvanised iron are not well fitted for cooking utensils, ..."

4. The Application of Electricity to Railway Working by William Edward Langdon (1897)
"POST OFFICE SPECIFICATION FOR galvanised IRON WIRE. NOTE.—In the following Specification the term "piece" shall be understood to mean a single length of ..."

5. Chemistry for Engineers and Manufacturers: A Practical Text-book by Bertram Blount, Arthur G. Bloxam (1896)
"For galvanised sheet, a little tin (2 to 3 per cent.) is added to the bath, and produces large crystalline spangles on the finished goods, which appearance ..."

6. International Shipping & Shipbuilding Directory by Shipping world & shipbuilder (1890)
"galvanised 15% av; anchors and ship rabies free, fencing wire and agricultural implements 10% ... galvanised corrugated sheet 40.' per ton, tiles and rivets ..."

7. Journal by Chartered Insurance Institute (1898)
"... and long enough to hold three boxes. The furnace contains two chambers with flues leading through the partitions. The Manufacture of galvanised Iron. ..."

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