Definition of Gauri

1. Noun. In Hinduism, goddess of purity and posterity and a benevolent aspect of Devi; the 'brilliant'.

Generic synonyms: Hindu Deity

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Literary usage of Gauri

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Cyclopædia of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia: Commercial by Edward Balfour (1885)
"During this festival Iswara yields to his consort gauri, and occupies an ... gauri Sankar, in Hinduism, is the term usually given to the idol of Siva or ..."

2. Researches Into the Nature and Affinity of Ancient and Hindu Mythology by Vans Kennedy (1831)
"Shiva is every male, and gauri every female, being; actuality is Shiva, potentiality gauri; as multitudinous sparks issue from fire, ..."

3. The History of India from the Earliest Ages by James Talboys Wheeler (1881)
"CHAP. ix. goddess gauri ;2S one sang a verse at a time, and the ~~ others chanted a chorus. wiping festi- At another place Delia Valle saw a beam set up at ..."

4. The Hindu Law of Marriage and Stridhan by Sir Gooroodass Banerjee (1879)
"He does not explain whether the term mother 1 gauri r. Chandramani, ILR, 1 All., 262. • II. 123. ..."

5. Madras High Court Reports: Reports of Cases Decided in the High Court of Madras by India High Court (Madras, India (1869)
"270 of the Appendix. That decree dismissed No. 4 of 1833 on the ground that the plaintiff had failed to prove his alleged adoption by gauri ..."

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