Definition of Genus Anodonta

1. Noun. Thin-shelled freshwater mussels.

Exact synonyms: Anodonta
Generic synonyms: Mollusk Genus
Group relationships: Family Unionidae, Unionidae
Member holonyms: Thin-shelled Mussel

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Literary usage of Genus Anodonta

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Published Writings of Isaac Lea, LL. D. by Newton Pratt Scudder (1885)
"Of the sub-genus Anodonta there are 50 admitted species, and 6 which are unknown to me. Of fossil species there is one which ia doubtful. ..."

2. Transactions of the Academy of Science of Saint Louis by Academy of Science of St. Louis (1860)
"Genus ANODONTA (Bruguiere em.) Lamarck. 1. ANODONTA LEWISII Lea. Station 10. A single small specimen collected. *2. ..."

3. The American Geologist by Newton Horace Winchell (1888)
"... as is shown by the rich discoveries of Unionidae in the mesozoic and later strata of the west. The genus Anodonta is, if the opinion of Hall is ..."

4. The Complete Writings of Thomas Say, on the Conchology of the United States by Thomas Say, William Greene Binney (1858)
"Genus ANODONTA.—Shell transverse, with three obsolete mut^ cular impressions ; hinge simple, destitute of teeth. 06*. The shells which constitute this genus ..."

5. Handbook of Invertebrate Zoology: For Laboratories and Seaside Work by William Keith Brooks (1882)
"THE following description is strictly applicable only to the fresh-water genus Anodonta, but any of the ..."

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