Definition of Genus Carissa

1. Noun. Old World genus of tropical evergreen usually spiny shrubs.

Generic synonyms: Dicot Genus, Magnoliopsid Genus
Group relationships: Apocynaceae, Dogbane Family, Family Apocynaceae
Member holonyms: Carissa

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Literary usage of Genus Carissa

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Yearbook of Pharmacy edited by J. O. Braithwaite (1893)
"Franchet and Poisson led those botanists to refer the plant to the genus Carissa, and to consider it to be nearly allied to C. ..."

2. Therapeutic Gazette (1891)
"Franchet and Poisson, this tree belongs to the genus Carissa, of the important family Apocynaceae ; specifically it is allied to the Carissa Schimperi, ..."

3. Lippincott's Medical dictionary: A Complete Vocabulary of the Terms Used in by Ryland W. Greene, Joseph Thomas (1906)
"A powerful arrow- poison brought from Obok, in Africa. It is a cardiac depressant. It is derived from a plant of the genus Carissa. ..."

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