Definition of Genus Entomophthora

1. Noun. Type genus of the Entomophthoraceae; fungi parasitic on insects.

Exact synonyms: Entomophthora
Generic synonyms: Fungus Genus
Group relationships: Entomophthoraceae, Family Entomophthoraceae

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Literary usage of Genus Entomophthora

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report of the Annual Meeting (1900)
"... nuclei approach so as to form eight pairs, and the two nuclei of each pair then fuse: this fusion is repeated until at length The genus Entomophthora, ..."

2. Microbes, Ferments and Moulds by Édouard Louis Trouessart (1886)
"... from the name of their principal genus, Entomophthora. Such is E. rimosa, which attacks grasshoppers and the diptera of the genus Chironomus, ..."

3. Biological Control of Insects and Mites: An Introduction to Beneficial by Daniel L. Mahr, Nino M. Ridgway (1993)
"The genus Entomophthora (which has recently been split into several other genera) consists of several important species. E. muscae is an important species ..."

4. The American Entomologist edited by Benjamin Dann Walsh, Charles V Riley, George Vasey (1880)
"... to the French Academy of Sciences, communicate that they observed an epidemic in Syrphus-flies caused by a fungus belonging to the genus Entomophthora. ..."

5. The Journal of Science, and Annals of Astronomy, Biology, Geology by James Samuelson, William Crookes (1880)
"... have been destroyed by a microscopic fungus, of the genus Entomophthora. M. Pasteur suggests the propriety of experimentation with a view to discover ..."

6. Report of the Illinois State Entomologist Concerning Operations Under the by Illinois State Entomologist (1890)
"Some evidence is adduced of the possibility of artificially cultivating another parasite observed, belonging to the genus Entomophthora; and there is reason ..."

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