Definition of Genus Rhododendron

1. Noun. Large genus of evergreen shrubs native to cooler regions of the northern hemisphere having showy flowers.

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Literary usage of Genus Rhododendron

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Monograph of Azaleas: Rhododendron Subgenus Anthodendron by Ernest Henry Wilson, Alfred Rehder (1921)
"286) first recognized the close relationship of most Azaleas to the genus Rhododendron; he referred the American Azaleas and Rhodora to the genus ..."

2. The Trees of America: Native and Foreign, Pictorially and Botanically by Daniel Jay Browne (1846)
"The shrubs and trees of the genus Rhododendron, are usually evergreen, but in the Azalea division they are almost entirely deciduous, with quite entire ..."

3. Spicilegium Neilgherrense, Or, a Selection of Neilgherry Plants: Drawn and by Robert Wight (1851)
"... my limited acquaintance with the genus Rhododendron does not enable me to determine, though such seems not improbable if my analysis prove correct, ..."

4. The Book of the Garden by Charles McIntosh (1855)
"... all the genus ; Rhododendron arbórea, Arbórea alba, and any of the new tender hybrids, and all the larger-growing Sikkim sorts ; Rhodochiton volubile (a ..."

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