Definition of Genus aquila

1. Noun. A genus of Accipitridae.

Exact synonyms: Aquila
Generic synonyms: Bird Genus
Group relationships: Accipitridae, Family Accipitridae
Member holonyms: Aquila Chrysaetos, Golden Eagle, Aquila Rapax, Tawny Eagle

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Literary usage of Genus aquila

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences by Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences (1915)
"In removing the species from the genus Aquila, it becomes necessary to create a new genus to contain it, and I here propose for it the name of MINERVA, ..."

2. A Hand-book to the Birds of Great Britain by Richard Bowdler Sharpe (1896)
"genus aquila, Aquila, Briss. Orn. ip 419 (1760). Type. ... It must be remembered that all members of the genus Aquila have feathered legs, and thus it is ..."

3. An Introduction to the Birds of Great Britain by John Gould (1873)
"Four species frequent the British Islands— namely, two of the genus Aquila, one of Haliaetus, ... Genus AQUILA. 3. ..."

4. The Analyst: A Quarterly Journal of Science, Literature, Natural History by William Holl, Neville Wood, Edward Mammatt (1835)
"The white-headed osprey (Pandion leucocephalus, mini,) is also called Haliaeetus, or sea eagle, although not in the genus Aquila. ..."

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