Definition of Genus gasterosteus

1. Noun. Type genus of the family Gasterosteidae.

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Literary usage of Genus gasterosteus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Boston Journal of Natural History by Boston Society of Natural History (1837)
"DESCRIPTION OF A NEW SPECIES OF THE genus gasterosteus. ... belonging to the genus GASTEROSTEUS of Linnaeus, described in Cuvier's Histoire Kat- ..."

2. Geology of New Jersey by New Jersey Geological Survey, George Hammell Cook (1868)
"Pipe-fish. This species has also been met with, but very rarely. Northward and to the south they are more frequently seen. Genus GASTEROSTEUS. ..."

3. A Guide to the Study of Fishes by David Starr Jordan (1905)
"To the genus Gasterosteus the largest species belong, those having three dorsal spines, and the body typically fully covered with bony plates. ..."

4. Trübner's Bibliographical Guide to American Literature: A Classed List of by Nikolaus Triibner (1859)
"Description of a New Species of the genus gasterosteus, by D. Humphreys Storer, MD ...... 461 23. Description of a New Species of Marginella, ..."

5. The Natural History of Secession by Thomas Shepard Goodwin (1865)
"The genus gasterosteus — Sticklebacks — has mailed cheeks, one dorsal fin, with free spines 'before it, and the bones of the pelvis united, forming a Fig ..."

6. The History of the County of Derby by Stephen Glover (1829)
"Sub-olivaceous; speckled with black, with fifteen spines in the dorsal fin : length about six inches. GENUS. Gasterosteus, STICKLEBACK. ..."

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