Definition of Genus lolium

1. Noun. Darnel; ryegrass.

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Literary usage of Genus lolium

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Appleton's New Practical Cyclopedia: A New Work of Reference Based Upon the by George J Hagar (1910)
"Dar'nel, grass of the genus Lolium, well known in Europe, and naturalized in the US The common darnel, a fair pasture grass, is found in the EUS The seeds ..."

2. Edinburgh Medical Journal (1876)
"... the genus Lolium, which is composed of only a small number of indigenous species. These are Lolium temulentum (Linnaeus), ..."

3. An Arrangement of British Plants: According to the Latest Improvements of by William Withering (1830)
"... being sharp-pointed and not ribbed ; from the plants of the genus Lolium by its bivalve calyx and paler hue ; though it much resembles Lolium perenne. ..."

4. Medicinal Plants: Being Descriptions with Original Figures of the Principal Robert Bentley, Henry Trimen by Robert Bentley, Henry Trimen (1880)
"genus lolium,* Linn. Steudel, Syn. Gram., p. 339. Species about 12, natives chiefly of temperate regions in both hemispheres. 295. Lolium temulentum,t Linn. ..."

5. Agricultural Botany: Theoretical and Practical by John Percival (1921)
"genus lolium. Inflorescence a spike ; one spikelet at each notch of the rachis; the spikelets are many-flowered, and are inserted so that they stand in the ..."

6. Suffolk Words and Phrases: Or, An Attempt to Collect the Lingual Localisms by Edward Moor (1823)
"... says " the drinkers thirsty that they might drink the more." Ray seems to have confounded Darnel, Brank, and Crap. See under BRANK. of th« genus Lolium. ..."

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