Definition of Genus malaxis

1. Noun. Large genus of largely terrestrial orchids with one or a few plicate leaves and slender spikes or tiny mostly green flowers; cosmopolitan.

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Literary usage of Genus malaxis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Treasury of Botany: A Popular Dictionary of the Vegetable Kingdom; with by John Lindley (1866)
"The four pollen masses are collateral (oooo), while in the nearly-related British genus Malaxis they are incumbent ( § 8 ..."

2. The Natural History of Plants: Their Forms, Growth, Reproduction, and by Anton Kerner von Marilaun (1902)
"... or small tubers, as in the above specified instances of the genus Malaxis. In the one case cells situated in the middle of the lamina—usually above the ..."

3. A Supplement to the Imperial Dictionary, English, Technological, and by John Ogilvie (1855)
"BOG'-OR€HIS, л A British plant of the genus Malaxis, the M. paludosa. [See MALAXIS.] BOG'-RUSH, n. A British plant of the genus Schoenus, ..."

4. The Genera and Species of Orchideous Plants by John Lindley (1830)
"I formerly called this by the specific name given to it by M. Du Petit Thouars under the genus Malaxis, being at that time unacquainted with any. others ..."

5. The Various Contrivances by which Orchids are Fertilised by Insects by Charles Darwin (1904)
"A very slight modification would convert the two pollinia into four distinct masses, as occurs in the genus Malaxis and in many foreign Orchids. ..."

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