Definition of Genus molva

1. Noun. Ling.

Exact synonyms: Molva
Generic synonyms: Fish Genus
Group relationships: Family Gadidae, Gadidae
Member holonyms: Ling, Molva Molva

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Literary usage of Genus molva

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Fisheries Exhibition Literature. by William Clowes and Sons (1884)
"Colour, greyish or dusky brown, lighter beneath ; fins dusky and pale brown ; lateral line nearly straight. THE LING (Molva vulgaris). GENUS Molva. ..."

2. Jornal de sciências mathemáticas, físicas e naturais by Academia das Ciências de Lisboa (1868)
"genus molva. Nilss. 122. Molva vulgaris. Donzella. Gthr. Cat. of the fishes, IV, 361. Lota molva. Yarrell, British fishes, l, 569, fig. (3.a ed.) Raro. ..."

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