Definition of Genus pediculus

1. Noun. Type genus of Pediculidae: true lice infecting humans.

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Literary usage of Genus pediculus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The London Encyclopaedia, Or, Universal Dictionary of Science, Art by Thomas Tegg (1829)
"It must, however, be observed, that many insects, infesting other animals, have sometimes been referred to the genus pediculus, •which, in reality, ..."

2. Handbook of Zoology by Jan van der Hoeven (1856)
"EUS in the genus Pediculus, but which differ from it by the presence of jaws on the under surface of the head. DE GEER, who discovered this character, ..."

3. The Animal Kingdom Arranged in Conformity with Its Organization by Georges Cuvier, Pierre André Latreille (1831)
"The genus Pediculus, properly so called, or that whose species are provided with a sucker, is arranged by him with the Epizoic Hemiptera. ..."

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