Definition of Genus phalaenopsis

1. Noun. Genus of ornamental epiphytic orchids of Asia and Australia.

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Literary usage of Genus phalaenopsis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Organography of Plants, Especially of the Archegoniata and Spermaphyta by Karl Goebel, Isaac Bayley Balfour (1905)
"... shall first of all speak shortly of the formation of the roots in the genus Phalaenopsis. In Fig. 188 there are portions, in transverse section, ..."

2. Missouri Botanical Garden Bulletin by Missouri botanical garden (1913)
"The moth orchid, a representative of the genus Phalaenopsis, flowering specimens of which have frequently attracted attention in the Garden, ..."

3. Paxton's Flower Garden by John Lindley, Joseph Paxton, Thomas Baines (1884)
"... 1848, in the following words:—"This is a very unexpected addition to the genus Phalaenopsis, of which it has exactly the habit. The flowers are small, ..."

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