Definition of Genus pleuronectes

1. Noun. Type genus of the Pleuronectidae.

Exact synonyms: Pleuronectes
Generic synonyms: Fish Genus
Group relationships: Family Pleuronectidae, Pleuronectidae
Member holonyms: Plaice, Pleuronectes Platessa

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Literary usage of Genus pleuronectes

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Animal Kingdom Arranged in Conformity with Its Organization by Georges Cuvier, Pierre André Latreille (1831)
"... commonly called Flat-fishes, comprises the great genus PLEURONECTES, Lin.(2) These fishes present a character, which, with respect to vertebrated ..."

2. Guide to the Gallery of Fishes in the Department of Zoology of the British by William George Ridewood (1908)
"The genus Pleuronectes is represented by the Plaice, the Flounder and the Dab. In this genus the mouth is terminal and very small, the teeth are more ..."

3. The Fisheries Exhibition Literature. by William Clowes and Sons (1884)
"GENUS Pleuronectes. There is great dissimilarity in the species comprising this genus. The divisions may be tabulated as follows ; they are as given by Day: ..."

4. The study of medicine by John Mason Good, Samuel Cooper (1829)
"6* reptiles, more or less laterally; in some fishes, as the genus pleuronectes, including the turbot and flounder tribes, both eyes are placed on the same ..."

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