Definition of Genus pleurothallis

1. Noun. Large genus of epiphytic or lithophytic orchids of tropical America.

Generic synonyms: Liliopsid Genus, Monocot Genus
Group relationships: Family Orchidaceae, Orchid Family, Orchidaceae
Member holonyms: Pleurothallis

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Literary usage of Genus pleurothallis

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Floral Cabinet and Magazine of Exotic Botany by George Beauchamp Knowles, Frederic Westcott (1838)
"The genus Pleurothallis, from the almost daily introduction of species, is now becoming so extensive as evidently to require revision ; and we cannot help ..."

2. Paxton's Flower Garden by John Lindley, Sir Joseph Paxton (1853)
"It requires to be treated like the the middle, and another at the base; the solitary leaf is oval, acute, shorter than the genus Pleurothallis ..."

3. The British Florist: Or, Lady's Journal of Horticulture (1846)
"Plant evergreen, and destitute of bulbs, much similar to the genus Pleurothallis in growth and general appearance; the leaves are fleshy, ..."

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