Definition of Genus pterocarpus

1. Noun. Genus of tropical trees or climbers having usually broadly winged pods.

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Literary usage of Genus pterocarpus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences by Washington Academy of Sciences (1915)
"genus Pterocarpus. Dr. Möller made a careful examination of the various woods hitherto supposed to be the true lignum ..."

2. The Indian Forester (1900)
"Three year§ ago I had occasion to allude to certain points connected with the genus Pterocarpus which have been left or been made obscure in Indian ..."

3. Dyeing and Calico Printing: Including an Account of the Most Recent by Frederick Crace Calvert, Charles Edward Groves, John Stenhouse (1876)
"... are derived from several varieties of the genus Pterocarpus, which are indigenous to the tropical parts of both the new and the old world. ..."

4. Botany for High Schools and Colleges by Charles Edwin Bessey (1880)
"Gum Kino is produced by large trees of India and Africa belonging to the genus Pterocarpus. Balsam of Peru and Balsam of Tolu are the products of species of ..."

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