Definition of Genus sagittaria

1. Noun. Genus of aquatic herbs of temperate and tropical regions having sagittate or hastate leaves and white scapose flowers.

Exact synonyms: Sagittaria
Generic synonyms: Liliopsid Genus, Monocot Genus
Group relationships: Alismataceae, Family Alismataceae, Water-plantain Family
Specialized synonyms: Common Arrowhead

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Literary usage of Genus sagittaria

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Muhlenbergia: A Journal of Botany edited by Amos Arthur Heller, Patrick Beveridge Kennedy (1907)
"The only representatives of the genus Sagittaria known to me within the state are the plants whose present names are S. ..."

2. Reports Dealing with the Systematic Geology and Paleontology of Maryland by Maryland Geological Survey (1911)
"... characters which ally it with the modern genus Sagittaria it is equally close to other modern and closely related genera as has just been pointed out, ..."

3. Seven Years' Residence in the Great Deserts of North America by Emmanuel Domenech (1860)
"... the Camassia esculenta, the roots of the water- arrow of the genus Sagittaria, and those of the lily of the valley of the genus ..."

4. Pamphlets on Forestry in the Philippine Islands (1903)
"The bast is very tough and is used in making cordage. Family ALISMACEAE Genus SAGITTARIA SAGITTARIA SAGITTIFOLIA L. Local names: ..."

5. Elementary Botany by George Francis Atkinson (1898)
"The arrow leaf (genus sagittaria) occurs in wet ground, or on the margins of streams and ponds. The leaves are very variable, and this seems to depend to ..."

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