Definition of Geological process

1. Noun. (geology) a natural process whereby geological features are modified.

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Literary usage of Geological process

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Journal of Geology by University of Chicago Department of Geology and Paleontology (1904)
"But few have asked the question: " What is a geological process?" geological processES. It is a curious fact that, while the word "process" is used in ..."

2. Permafrost: Second International Conference, July 13-28, 1973 : USSR by Frederick J. Sanger, Peter J. Hyde (1978)
"Until recently there was no well-defined concept of freezing of earth materials as a geological process. Individual contradictory statements concerning this ..."

3. Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Standard Work of Reference in Art, Literature (1907)
"... compared with some of the eras which have preceded it Nor can we be eure that, when we have explored every geological process now in progress, ..."

4. Text-book of Geology by Archibald Geikie (1903)
"... department will do by the resolute endeavour to imitate and vary under different conditions every geological process that is capable of imitation. ..."

5. A Text-book of Geology for Use in Universities: Colleges, Schools of Science by Louis Valentine Pirsson, Charles Schuchert (1920)
"The most important geological process which plant life carries on in growing is to decompose the carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere, storing up the carbon ..."

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