Definition of Gesso

1. Noun. Gypsum or plaster of Paris spread on a surface to make it suitable for painting or gilding (or a surface so prepared).

Generic synonyms: Gypsum, Plaster, Plaster Of Paris

Definition of Gesso

1. n. Plaster of Paris, or gypsum, esp. as prepared for use in painting, or in making bas-reliefs and the like; by extension, a plasterlike or pasty material spread upon a surface to fit it for painting or gilding, or a surface so prepared.

Definition of Gesso

1. Noun. a mixture of plaster of Paris and glue used to prepare a surface for painting ¹

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Definition of Gesso

1. a plaster mixture [n -SOES]

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Literary usage of Gesso

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Modern Mural Decoration by Alfred Lys Baldry (1902)
"gesso WORK. There is a good deal of similarity between the effects obtainable in plaster and those which result from work in gesso. Indeed, these two crafts ..."

2. A Treatise on Painting by Cennino Cennini, Giuseppe Tambroni, Mary Philadelphia Merrifield (1844)
"How to prepare a ground of gesso sottile on a picture, and how it is to be tempered. Having laid on the gesso grosso, rubbed down the surface, and polished ..."

3. Art Crafts for Amateurs by Fred Miller (1901)
"Skill is soon acquired in using gesso, as it can be made of the consistency ... The worker can paint gesso over gesso until considerable relief is obtained, ..."

4. The Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work of Reference on the by Charles George Herbermann, Edward Aloysius Pace, Condé Bénoist Pallen, Thomas Joseph Shahan, John Joseph Wynne (1913)
"... his peculiar method of high relief in gesso work, and by the remarkable use he made of small portions of the most brilliant colour, ..."

5. The Book of the Art of Cennino Cennini: A Contemporary Practical Treatise on by Cennino Cennini, Christiana J. Herringham (1899)
"The Italian name for burnt or baked gypsum is gesso grosso; ... Slaking is wetting the gesso grosso with so much water that it is unable to set. ..."

6. Italy : Handbook for Travellers: Third Part, Southern Italy and Sicily, with by Karl Baedeker (Firm) (1893)
"The line now turns to the right and ascends the Gullo valley to (28'/2 M.) gesso; the small town, where the Saracens remained until a late period, ..."

7. Arts and Crafts Essays by Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society (1903)
"OF STUCCO AND gesso PEW things are more disheartening to the pursuer of plastic art than finding that, when he has carried his own labour to a certain point ..."

8. Ideals in Art: Papers--theoretical--practical--critical by Walter Crane (1905)
"A method of heightening certain important parts, such as the initial letters of an illuminated manuscript, where, by raising the letter in gesso, ..."

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