Definition of Gilbert stuart

1. Noun. United States painter best known for his portraits of George Washington (1755-1828).

Exact synonyms: Gilbert Charles Stuart, Stuart
Generic synonyms: Painter

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Literary usage of Gilbert stuart

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans: With Biographical H. J. Herring, James Barton Longacre by H. J. Herring, James Barton Longacre (1854)
"He therefore wrote to Scotland, and obtained a competent mill-wright, by the name of gilbert stuart. Dr. Moffat selected for his mill seat a proper stream ..."

2. A History of the American People by Woodrow Wilson (1918)
"From a painting by gilbert stuart 21 RICHARD HENRY LEE.—From the painting by CW Peale, in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa 23 TORY REFUGEES ON THEIR WAY ..."

3. The History of Modern Painting by RICHARD. MUTHER (1907)
"gilbert stuart Newton, an American by birth, who lived in England from 1820 to 1835, devoted himself to the illustration of English authors. ..."

4. The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and Other Collections of by Helen Weston Henderson (1911)
"... CHAPTER V gilbert stuart (1755-1827) THE collection of twenty-four Gilbert Stuarts is the glory of the galleries of The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine ..."

5. A History of the Episcopal Church in Narragansett, Rhode Island: Including a by Wilkins Updike, Daniel Goodwin, James MacSparran (1907)
"... "You have requested me to state to you the circumstance of the visit of the late gilbert stuart, of Boston, the painter, to our house. ..."

6. Life and correspondence of David Hume by John Hill Burton (1846)
"... Smollett — Church Patronage — Gibbon — Robertson — Elliot — gilbert stuart — The Douglas Cause—Andrew Stewart — Morellet —Return to Scotland. ..."

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