Definition of Gin and it

1. Noun. A cocktail made of gin and sweet vermouth.

Terms within: Italian Vermouth, Sweet Vermouth, Gin
Generic synonyms: Cocktail

Definition of Gin and it

1. Noun. A simple cocktail, similar to an unsophisticated martini, made from gin and sweet vermouth ¹

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Literary usage of Gin and it

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions of the National Association of Cotton Manufacturers by National Association of Cotton Manufacturers, New England Cotton Manufacturers' Association (1903)
"It was demonstrated, however, that the roller gin turned out practically or actually as much lint cotton in the same time as did the 80 saw gin, and it was ..."

2. Lower Canada Reports =: Décisions Des Tribunaux Du Bas-Canada by Simon Lelièvre (1857)
"... when by the addition of gin and other ingredients, he changed the character of the spirits to gin, and it was afterwards sold as gin. ..."

3. Journal by Texas Legislature. Senate, Legislature, United States Congress. Senate, Texas State Library, Texas (1914)
"At that time there was no cotton gin at Huntsville, or near here, and the oil company, » year or two after it began business, put in a cotton gin, and it ..."

4. The Medical Times and Gazette (1879)
"... or rum, nor below 35° for gin ; and it enacts that any medical officer of health, inspector, or constable, under the direction of the local authority, ..."

5. American Ladies' Magazine by Sarah Josepha Buell Hale (1834)
"I have not been able even to get a bottle of brandy or gin ; and it is really miserable to be sick without such needful things in the house. ..."

6. The wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant's companion and complete by Joseph Hartley (1839)
"... and two or three ounces of isinglass, dissolved : put this into your gin, and it will become transparent. The above is enough for fifty gallons. ..."

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