Definition of Givebacks

1. Noun. (plural of giveback) ¹

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Definition of Givebacks

1. giveback [n] - See also: giveback

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Literary usage of Givebacks

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Workforce 2000: Work and Workers for the 21st Century by William B. Johnstone, DIANE Publishing Company, Arnold E. Packer (1987)
"Whether a pattern of contract "givebacks" persists or not, the wage premium exacted by labor union members in manufacturing industries will shrink as ..."

2. Just a Temp: Expectation and Experiences of Women Clerical Temporary Workers by Maureen Martella (1997)
"However, declining rates of unionization and declining union power (as illustrated by employee-givebacks and cost-sharing of benefits) indicate that ..."

3. Stress Management in Work Settings by Lawrence R. Murphy (1993)
"At each of the meetings, the organizer made a brief speech about how the hotel unions represented an exception to the national trend of givebacks and ..."

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