Definition of Glossina

1. Noun. Bloodsucking African fly; transmits sleeping sickness etc..

Exact synonyms: Tsetse, Tsetse Fly, Tzetze, Tzetze Fly
Generic synonyms: Fly
Group relationships: Genus Glossina

Definition of Glossina

1. a tsetse fly [n -S]

Medical Definition of Glossina

1. A genus of bloodsucking Diptera (tsetse flies) confined to Africa; they serve as vectors of the pathogenic trypanosomes that cause various forms of African sleeping sickness in humans and in domestic and wild animals. Origin: G. Glossa, tongue (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Glossina

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Animal Parasites of Man by Harold Benjamin Fantham, Maximilian Gustav Christian Carl Braun (1916)
"glossina, Westwood. [This genus contains sixteen species,1 all of which are ... glossina may be distinguished from other allied genera by the proboscis, ..."

2. Gould and Pyle's Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine and Surgery: With George Milbry Gould, Walter Lytle Pyle, Richard John Ernst Scott by George Milbry Gould, Walter Lytle Pyle, Richard John Ernst Scott (1912)
"16, 1899.) Trypanosoma gambiense of man. In appearance, glossina ... The glossina palpalis is found along the west coast from about 13° to 15° south of the ..."

3. Entomological News and Proceedings of the Entomological Section of the by Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia Entomological Section (1906)
"Dr. Skinner remarked that the Tsetse fly, glossina morsitans, or other species of glossina are probably responsible for transmitting the said disease. ..."

4. Lectures on Tropical Diseases: Being the Lane Lectures for 1905 Delivered at by Patrick Manson (1905)
"glossina morsitans Bruce proved glossina morsitans. to be the transmitting ... It would now appear that glossina palpalis fulfils the same rôle as regards ..."

5. A Naturalist on Lake Victoria: With an Account of Sleeping Sickness and the by Geoffrey Douglas Hale Carpenter (1920)
"... OF glossina PALPALIS THIS species is pre-eminently a frequenter of the shady forests on the shore of the lake, where it may be found in great abundance. ..."

6. A System of Physiologic Therapeutics: A Practical Exposition of the Methods by Solomon Solis-Cohen (1903)
"vations of Bruce and others, conclusively demonstrate that the tsetse-fly, comprising several species of glossina, carries the parasite from the infected ..."

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