Definition of Glycin

1. n. Same as Glycocoll.

Definition of Glycin

1. Noun. (chemistry) A phenolic derivative of glycine, ''N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)glycine'', used as a photographic developer ¹

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Definition of Glycin

1. a compound used in photography [n -S]

Medical Definition of Glycin

1. Same as Glycocoll. Origin: Gr. Glykys sweet. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Glycin

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Elements of the Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates by Gustav Mann, Walther Löb, Henry William Frederic Lorenz, Robert Wiedersheim, William Newton Parker, Thomas Jeffery Parker, Harry Clary Jones, Sunao Tawara, Leverett White Brownell, Max Julius Louis Le Blanc, Willis Rodney Whitney, John Wesley Brown, Wi (1906)
"Analogously by uniting HCN with glycyl-glycin-ester there is formed a ... glycyl-glycin-ester is converted iuto glycyl- glycin-carboxylic acid, HO. OC . ..."

2. The Histology and Histochemistry of Man: A Treatise on the Elements of by Heinrich Frey (1875)
"glycin crystallizes in colourless rhombic pillars belonging to the mono- ... glycin is sweet to the taste, without alkaline reaction, soluble in water, ..."

3. Chemistry of the Proteids by Gustav Mann (1906)
"The three substances just mentioned, namely : Glycyl-glycin NH2. CH2. ... The carbethoxy-glycyl-glycin-ester is precipitated Ma thick crystalline deposit; ..."

4. The Physical Chemistry of the Proteins by Thorburn Brailsford Robertson (1918)
"... employed by Fischer and Abderhalden were distributed between these two classes as follows: Hydrolysed * Alanyl-glycin * Alanyl-alanin * Alanyl-leucin A ..."

5. Wilson's Photographic Magazine (1906)
"the glycin ones. (This sounds vague, but I could show you in a minute what I mean if you were with me in my workroom.) Moreover, the delicacy of the detail, ..."

6. A Text Book of Physiology by Michael Foster (1878)
"Hippuric acid is a compound of benzoic acid and glycin; and when benzoic acid is introduced into the stomach of an animal, whether herbivorous or not, ..."

7. Practical physiology by Arthur Philip Beddard, Marcus Seymour Pembrey (1910)
"glycin. Glycyl-glycin. The addition of another molecule forms a tripeptide, ... But not only has glycin been combined to glycin—other end products, ..."

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