Definition of Go around

1. Verb. Be sufficient. "There's not enough to go around"

Generic synonyms: Answer, Do, Serve, Suffice

2. Verb. Become widely known and passed on. "The story went around in the office"

3. Verb. Go around the flank of (an opposing army).
Exact synonyms: Outflank
Generic synonyms: Go, Locomote, Move, Travel

4. Verb. Turn on or around an axis or a center. "The lamb roast rotates on a spit over the fire"
Exact synonyms: Revolve, Rotate
Specialized synonyms: Drive In, Screw, Screw, Wheel, Wheel Around, Gyrate, Reel, Spin, Spin Around, Whirl, Swirl, Twiddle, Twirl, Whirl
Related verbs: Circumvolve, Rotate
Generic synonyms: Turn
Derivative terms: Revolution, Rotation
Also: Revolve Around

5. Verb. Avoid something unpleasant or laborious. "You cannot bypass these rules!"
Exact synonyms: Bypass, Get Around, Short-circuit
Generic synonyms: Avoid
Derivative terms: Bypass

Definition of Go around

1. Verb. To spread from person to person. ¹

2. Verb. To share with everyone. ¹

3. Verb. (aviation) to perform a go-around maneuver ¹

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Literary usage of Go around

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1910)
"... and this year had attempted in company with half a dozen students and local guides to go around ..."

2. Eminent Women of the Age: Being Narratives of the Lives and Deeds of the by James Parton (1868)
"For me, I keep my gloves as long as the backs hold together, and go around for forty-five weeks of the fifty-two with my hands clenched into fists to cover ..."

3. Report of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction, at the First Session by William Pitt Fessenden, Thaddeus Stevens (1866)
"The negroes who are working the best are those who have been permitted heretofore to hire their «wn time and go around and work for themselves, ..."

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