Definition of Goal-directed

1. Adjective. Having a purpose. "Purposive behavior"

Exact synonyms: Purposive
Similar to: Purposeful

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Literary usage of Goal-directed

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Critical Perspectives On Racial And Ethnic Differences In Health In Late Life by Norman B. Anderson, Rodolfo A. Bulatao, Barney Cohen (2004)
"The Central Autonomic Network Investigators have identified functional units within the central nervous system (CNS) that support goal-directed behavior and ..."

2. Getting Off the Hook: Treatment of Drug Addiction and Social Disorders by Jurriaan Plesman (1986)
"8) VALUES TEND TO BE GOAL DIRECTED A serious short coming of psychology - the study of behaviour - is its rejection of the idea that human behaviour is goal ..."

3. The Second Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment: Proceedings by Yusuf Pisan, SIGART. (2005)
"Research on intelligent agent architecture, knowledge representation, goal-directed behavior are all directly relevant to improving the intelligent agents ..."

4. On Pain Suffering: Reminiscences, Musings and Reflections by Walter Prytulak (2001)
"Excessive distractibility makes goal-directed action impossible. We call it attention deficit disorder (ADD). Excessive ability of focusing, and not being ..."

5. Alcohol and the Brain (1993)
"1984; O'Connor et al. 1986, 1987; Whip- pie et al. 1988). Sons of alcoholic fathers may have a reduced capacity for sustained goal-directed activity. ..."

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