Definition of Going ashore

1. Noun. Debarkation from a boat or ship.

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Literary usage of Going ashore

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Forty Years an Advertising Agent, 1865-1905 by George Presbury Rowell (1906)
"in the direction of going ashore, he spoke to him about his apparent ... I'm not going ashore. I came over for a rest and am going back with the vessel. ..."

2. A Visit to India, China, and Japan in the Year 1853 by Bayard Taylor (1874)
"... Missionary—Best-,y of the Harbor of Napa—The Native Authorities—Going; Ashore—-lumping ovo' a Coral Reef— Landing—Tho Town of Nepa-Etang—Spies—lir. ..."

3. Santo Domingo, Past and Present: With a Glance at Hayti by Samuel Hazard (1873)
"... arrived being unknown ; but a temporary frame wharf was afterwards erected, but only for landing purposes. going ashore. ..."

4. Our Journey Around the World: An Illustrated Record of a Year's Travel of by Francis Edward Clark, Harriet Elizabeth Clark (1894)
"The Departure from San Francisco — The Crowded Wharf— "All Ashore that's Going Ashore "— The Song of Farewell — The Captain's Encouragement — Good Cheer for ..."

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