Definition of Gold panner

1. Noun. A miner who digs or pans for gold in a gold field.

Exact synonyms: Gold Digger, Gold Miner
Specialized synonyms: Forty-niner
Generic synonyms: Miner, Mineworker

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Literary usage of Gold panner

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Sessional Papers by Ontario Legislative Assembly (1903)
"An option has Utely been given on this claim. It is also seated that option money has recently been paid on the gold panner. ..."

2. Mineral Exhibit of the Province of Ontario by Ontario Dept. of Mines, Bureau of Mines, Thomas W. Gibson, Ontario (1901)
"•914 Auriferous quartz showing free gold gold panner mine, location MH 230, Sturgeon lake, Lake of the Woods. Gold Fanner Mining Co. of Ontario, Limited, ..."

3. Biotechnology: Building on Farmers' Knowledge by Joske F. G. Bunders, Bertus Haverkort, Wim Hiemstra (1996)
""It's as exciting as panning for gold", one of them said (he had previously been a gold panner). Several farmers already have their own selections, ..."

4. New Zealand Driving Holidays: 29 New Zealand Holiday Itineraries and Touring by Donna Blaber (2005)
"... Scott Arnold provides expert instruction but Bob's already well versed; however when he discovers Scott's a champion gold panner and can shake a ..."

5. Stone; an Illustrated Magazine (1899)
"It is said that a man may be a first-rate gold panner and yet useless for diamond washing. At the end of the process, the diamonds are simply picked out by ..."

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