Definition of Golden cup

1. Noun. Native of Mexican highlands grown for its glossy clear yellow flowers and blue-grey finely dissected foliage.

Exact synonyms: Hunnemania Fumariifolia, Mexican Tulip Poppy
Generic synonyms: Poppy
Group relationships: Genus Hunnemania, Hunnemannia

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Literary usage of Golden cup

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A True Interpretation of All the Chief Texts, and Mysterious Sayings and by Lodowick Muggleton (1808)
"and put them to death, for death is the wine of her wrath ; for the blood of the saints is lhat wine of her wrath, which is put into her golden cup that is ..."

2. The Ancient Bronze Implements, Weapons, and Ornaments of Great Britain and by John Evans (1881)
"... the nobler metal may also prove to have been made in bronze, although as yet no examples have been discovered. The Bottom of cop. Fig. 809.— golden cup ..."

3. The Poetical Works of John Payne by John Payne (1902)
"THE golden cup. Who has of Jaafer not, the Barmecide, Heard and how great and glorious far and wide He was from Oman to the China Sea? ..."

4. Gossip from Paris During the Second Empire: Correspondence (1864-1869) of by Anthony B. North Peat (1903)
"... handed him the golden cup. This explanation was received by the court in profound silence, and the case handed over to the ecclesiastical commission, ..."

5. The Play Way: An Essay in Educational Method by Henry Caldwell Cook (1917)
"I therefore suggested that the golden cup should be in the keeping of a lady. She lived in a castle and was a kind of magician. She had been instructed by ..."

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