Definition of Gompers

1. Noun. United States labor leader (born in England) who was president of the American Federation of Labor from 1886 to 1924 (1850-1924).

Exact synonyms: Samuel Gompers
Generic synonyms: Labor Leader

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Literary usage of Gompers

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Socialism Inevitable (Wilshire Editorials) by Henry Gaylord Wilshire, Gaylord Wilshire (1907)
"Mr. gompers, the president of the Federation, took occasion during the debate ... Such remarks from Mr. gompers naturally aroused more or less annoyance not ..."

2. Review of Reviews and World's Work by Albert Shaw (1905)
"Mr. gompers was active in securing in Now York the Saturday half-holiday for ... During President McKinley's administration, Mr. gompers declined an ..."

3. Journal of the National Institute of Social Sciences by National Institute of Social Sciences (U.S.) (1919)
"The first gold medal was awarded to Mr. Samuel gompers. THE MEDAL TO SAMUEL gompers PRESENTATION SPEECH BY GEORGE GORDON BATTLE, LL. ..."

4. Revised Record of the Constitutional Convention of the State of New York by New York (State). Constitutional Convention (1916)
"If it does and that is the Republican position, that the Republican party of this State intends to follow the program outlined by Mr. gompers and Mr. ..."

5. Little Visits With Great Americans by Orison Swett Marden (1904)
"Nearly forty years ago, when Samuel gompers, a boy of ten, worked fourteen hours a day in a shop in London, the hardships of the work- ingman made an ..."

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