Definition of Goodbyes

1. Noun. (plural of goodbye) ¹

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Definition of Goodbyes

1. goodbye [n] - See also: goodbye

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Literary usage of Goodbyes

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Sailing of a Refugee Ship: A Little Record of the Voyage of the Principe by Arno Behnke (1914)
"... shrill goodbyes, parting cheers, and more vigorous and more discordant strains of the grand old STAGGERING PORTERS AND HURRYING PASSENGERS national ..."

2. Cognitive-Behavioral Coping Skills Therapy Manual: A Clinical Research Guide edited by Ronald Kadden (1994)
"The session description then picks up two subheadings from the session "Wrap-Up and goodbyes," page 124: "Feedback to the Therapists" and "goodbyes. ..."

3. Hand-clasp of the East and West: A Story of Pioneer Life on the Western by Henry Ripley, Martha (Pedley) Ripley (1914)
"... CHAPTER IV goodbyes ARE SAID In the country where the Bartons had lived all their lives, and their ancestors for several generations, ..."

4. Heroes of Destiny Episode I: Eternal Knights by Kevin Wong (2006)
"... and Gray said their goodbyes to one another, ... Launa, and Kevin to say their goodbyes to them as well. "Farewell, my friends," said the Eternian Navy ..."

5. Webs of War: In White and Black by Annie E. Wilson, Broadway Publishing Co (1913)
"LOVERS AND goodbyes. Mr. and Mrs. Woodson had been summoned from the supper table to see "old Meg," who was down with a case of colic, leaving Miss ..."

6. Island Song Lyrics Volume 6 by Larry W. Jones (2004)
"... fleeting When the island summer runs out of time I see the harbor bights are surely cabling So, we must bid our Aloha ‘oe goodbyes And though the island ..."

7. Island Song Lyrics Volume 7 by Larry W. Jones (2004)
"... is what I'll say A thousand hugs and kisses ago I said Aloha ‘oe here at your door But those goodbyes now I know Didn't stop me from wanting more So, ..."

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