Definition of Gottfried wilhelm leibnitz

1. Noun. German philosopher and mathematician who thought of the universe as consisting of independent monads and who devised a system of the calculus independent of Newton (1646-1716).

Exact synonyms: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Leibnitz, Leibniz
Generic synonyms: Mathematician, Philosopher
Derivative terms: Leibnitzian, Leibnizian

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Literary usage of Gottfried wilhelm leibnitz

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Origin of Modern Calculating Machines: A Chronicle of the Evolution of the by J. A. V. Turck (1921)
"... however, it created considerable commotion in scientific circles when exhibited to the Royal Society of London. gottfried wilhelm leibnitz ..."

2. Introduction to the History of Modern Philosophy by Arthur Stone Dewing (1903)
"gottfried wilhelm leibnitz. Among the persons who frequently wrote to Spinoza, and to whom the ... gottfried wilhelm leibnitz."

3. Complete Algebra by Herbert Ellsworth Slaught, Nels Johann Lennes (1917)
"gottfried wilhelm leibnitz (1646-1716) was born in Leipsic and spent most of his life in Germany, though he lived several years in Paris and made an ..."

4. The American Library Annual: Including Index to Dates of Current Events (1916)
"LEIBNITZ, gottfried wilhelm leibnitz as a librarian. Archibald L. Clarke. Library, Ap., 1914. p. 140-154. gottfried wilhelm leibnitz was born at Leipzig in ..."

5. A History of Philosophy by Johann Eduard Erdmann, Williston Samuel Hough (1892)
"gottfried wilhelm leibnitz (or Leibniz) was born in Leipsic on June 2ist (July 3rd), 1646. In 1661 he entered the University of his native town, ..."

6. A History of Classical Scholarship by John Edwin Sandys (1908)
"... gottfried wilhelm leibnitz (— i6), whose scholarly tastes are represented by his Latin poems', by his speculations on the origin of language', ..."

7. The Early Hanoverians by Edward Ellis Morris (1908)
"gottfried wilhelm leibnitz was born in 1646 at Leipzig, where his father was a university professor. When he was only six he lost his father, ..."

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