Definition of Government accounting office

1. Noun. An independent nonpartisan federal agency that acts as the investigative arm of Congress making the executive branch accountable to Congress and the government accountable to citizens of the United States.

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Literary usage of Government accounting office

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Park Service: Need to Address Management Problems That Plague the by Barry T. Hill (2001)
"DC 20240 MAR 1 62000 Director, Energy, Resources, and Science Issues US Government Accounting Office 441 G Street, NW Washington, ..."

2. U. S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's ...edited by Christopher Cox edited by Christopher Cox (1999)
"... September 1997; and, DOE Needs to Improve Controls Over Foreign Visitors Weapons Laboratories, government accounting office, October 14, 1998. ..."

3. Funerals, Burials and Consumers: Congressional Hearing edited by Charles E. Grassley (2001)
"... a report from the government accounting office that raises questions by the General Accounting Office about whether the Federal rule really works. ..."

4. Drinking and Driving: Research Findings (1990)
"This finding has been corroborated by more recent studies (US Government Accounting Office 1987; Hoxie and Skinner 1987) indicating an overall reduction of ..."

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