Definition of Goya y lucientes

1. Noun. Spanish painter well known for his portraits and for his satires (1746-1828).

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Literary usage of Goya y lucientes

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Prints and Their Makers: Essays on Engravers and Etchers Old and Modern by Fitz Roy Carrington (1912)
"... FRANCISCO goya y lucientes BY CHARLES H. CAFFIN Author of "The Story of Spanish Painting," "Old Spanish Masters, Engraved by Timothy Cole," etc., etc. ..."

2. Book-prices Current: A Record of Prices at which Books Have Been Sold at Auction (1907)
"... plates AG added for the first time, calf, ge, Paris, nd, oblong folio (272) Hatchard, £f) 53. 2121 Goya y Lucientes (Fran.) Los Desastres de la Guerra, ..."

3. Cataloging for Small Libraries by Theresa Hitchler (1915)
"Goya y Lucientes, Francisco. Flitch. Little journey in Spain; notes of a Goya pilgrimage. 1914. Same book pub. under the title "Idler in Spain. ..."

4. Northern France from Belgium and the English Channel to the Loire, Excluding by Karl Baedeker (Firm) (1899)
"715. A. Scheffer, The dead pass swiftly. ROOM 111. 350. Goya y Lucientes, Old women; 615. Ribot, St. Vincent; 111. Em. Breton, Christmas; 545. CL Müller. ..."

5. Catalogue by Bernard Quaritch (Firm) (1894)
"2302 goya y lucientes PINTOR (Franco.) [CAPRICHOS inventados y grabados al agua fuerte] small folio, ч series of 80 singular Etchings illustrative of ..."

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