Definition of Grapefruits

1. Noun. (plural of grapefruit) ¹

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Definition of Grapefruits

1. grapefruit [n] - See also: grapefruit

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Literary usage of Grapefruits

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Hamilton's Arithmetics by Samuel Hamilton (1913)
"6 bu. apples, fancy. 28. 4 grapefruits, fair. 29. 6 grapefruits, fancy. 30. ... 9 grapefruits, good. 51. 8 grapefruits, fair. 52. 9 crates raspberries. 53. ..."

2. Applied Arithmetic: The Three Essentials by Nels Johann Lennes, Frances Jenkins (1920)
"2 grapefruits 1 dozen bananas 1/2" dozen oranges 74^ 1 large basket of grapes 4 ... 1 basket peaches 4 grapefruits ^ dozen oranges 1 dozen oranges $1.15 J^ ..."

3. Applied Arithmetic: The Three Essentials by Nels Johann Lennes, Frances Jenkins (1919)
"... 40)ia basket Bananas, 2£ apiece Grapes, 18^ for a small basket grapefruits, 15¡é apiece 30¡í for a large basket WRITTEN EXERCISES At the above prices, ..."

4. School Arithmetics by George Albert Wentworth, David Eugene Smith (1920)
"Another dealer sells two boxes a day of larger grapefruits, costing $6.50 per box of ... What is the difference in net income on the grapefruits per day ? ..."

5. Hamilton's Standard Arithmetic: Book One-three by Samuel Hamilton (1917)
"6 fancy grapefruits. Let each pupil make out and receipt a bill for goods. ... 4 grapefruits, fair. 39. 29. 6 grapefruits, fancy. 40. 30. ..."

6. Sixty Lessons in Agriculture by Burt C. Buffum, David Clement Deaver (1913)
"Obtain samples of oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and citrons; ... Plant seeds of oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, and study the young plants of each. ..."

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