Definition of Graph paper

1. Noun. Paper that has lines to permit drawing graphs.

Generic synonyms: Paper

Definition of Graph paper

1. Noun. Paper ruled into small squares, usually of equal size, for use in drawing graphs or other charts. ¹

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Literary usage of Graph paper

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Journal of Comparative Pathology and Therapeutics (1888)
"Diagrams and charts should be drawn in Indian ink on white paper, Bristol board, faintly blue-lined graph paper, blue linen or tracing paper. ..."

2. A First Course in Statistics by D. Caradog Jones (1921)
"Thus, we have roughly 80 small squares across the breadth of our graph paper, and between 1871 and 1912 we have roughly 40 years ; we therefore take two ..."

3. Advanced Algebra by Joseph Victor Collins (1913)
"graph paper. Unit of Measure. graph paper is paper very accurately ruled into little ... Most graph paper has the centimeter (0.4 in. nearly) as the unit of ..."

4. Practical Elementary Algebra by Joseph Victor Collins (1908)
"graph paper is paper ruled very accurately into -small squares or parallelograms. (See graph paper ruling in the diagram of the next article. ..."

5. Native Americans by Karen Lowther (2003)
"Then have students color a pattern on the graph paper to represent the ... Students glue the colored graph paper pattern to the brown construction paper. 3. ..."

6. The Human Body by Elissa Dosik Weinroth, Alexander Cruz, Jo Larsen, Nancy Schoefl, Weinroth, Elissa (2002)
"On a large sheet of graph paper, draw a graph like the one here. ... Distribute graph paper and help students construct similar graphs using their own data. ..."

7. Ten-Minute Activities, Grades 1-3by Martha Cheney, Marilyn Evans, Susan Kunze by Martha Cheney, Marilyn Evans, Susan Kunze (2001)
"Give each student four construction-paper squares and a piece of graph paper. 2. Have each student join the four squares along sides, not corners, ..."

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