Definition of Gray goldenrod

1. Noun. A dyer's weed of Canada and the eastern United States having yellow flowers sometimes used in dyeing.

Exact synonyms: Grey Goldenrod, Solidago Nemoralis
Generic synonyms: Goldenrod

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Literary usage of Gray goldenrod

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Manual of Weeds: With Descriptions of All the Most Pernicious and by Ada Eljiva Georgia (1914)
"... bracts of the involucre obtuse, the outer row hairy. Achenes smooth, with fine bristly pappus. Means of control the same as for gray goldenrod. ..."

2. Weeds of the North Central States edited by Lloyd M. Wax, Richard S. Fawcett, Duane Isely (1999)
"gray goldenrod (Solidago nemoralis)' p. 232 4 And other species of goldenrod including rigid goldenrod (Solidago rigida) p. 233. ..."

3. The Vascular Flora of Pennsylvania: Annotated Checklist and Atlas by Ann Fowler Rhoads, William M. Klein (1993)
"gray goldenrod Herbaceous perennial Fields, woods and roadsides in dry, sterile soil. Solidago odora Ait. Sweet goldenrod Herbaceous perennial Dry, ..."

4. Publication by Michigan, Michigan Geological Survey, Geological and Biological Survey (1921)
"gray goldenrod. Field goldenrod. On dry hilly ground near Fostoria. "Abundant in dry sandy soil, especially in the old pine lands in the central and ..."

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