Definition of Graybacks

1. Noun. (plural of grayback) ¹

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Definition of Graybacks

1. grayback [n] - See also: grayback

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Literary usage of Graybacks

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Lyon Campaign in Missouri: Being a History of the First Iowa Infantry by Eugene Fitch Ware (1907)
"July 8th.—Grand River.—Osage River.—Wagons Lightened Up.—Missouri Storekeeper.—graybacks.—Seven Kinds of Insects.—Nostalgia. ..."

2. Pioneer Days in California by John Carr (1891)
"The ants and the "graybacks."—Georgetown.—Missouri gulch. CHAPTER VII. DEPARTURE FOR SACRAMENTO. Return to Hangtown.—Departure for Sacramento. ..."

3. History of the Fourth Regiment of Minnesota Infantry Volunteers During the by Alonzo Leighton Brown (1892)
"We March to Booneville—Farewell to Our Noah's Arks (Mess Chests)—Burned Train of Cars—Pope Left Us—Back to Rienzi—To Clear Creek—First graybacks—Muffled ..."

4. The Story of a Confederate Boy in the Civil War by David Emmons Johnston (1914)
"graybacks. Religious Exercises. Incidents of Camp. Depletion of the Army. Re-enlistments and Furloughs. Retreat from Manassas Behind the ..."

5. Reminiscences of the 123d Regiment, N.Y.S.V.: Giving a Complete History of by Henry C. Morhous (1879)
"And these "graybacks" were no respecters of persons, for they would attack an officer just as soon as they would a private, and all day long the 29th ..."

6. Poems of American History by Burton Egbert Stevenson (1908)
"The graybacks fixed their bayonets. And charged the coats of blue, But still the little ... And the graybacks — they are flying Before the coats of blue, ..."

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