Definition of Great blue heron

1. Noun. Large American heron having bluish-grey plumage.

Exact synonyms: Ardea Herodius
Generic synonyms: Heron
Group relationships: Ardea, Genus Ardea

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Literary usage of Great blue heron

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Birds of America by John James] [Audubon (1843)
"THE great blue heron. ARDEA HERODIAS, Linn. PLATE CCCLXIX.—MALI. The State of Louisiana has always been my favourite portion of the Unio.n, ..."

2. Birds that Hunt and are Hunted: Life Histories of One Hundred and Seventy by Neltje Blanchan (1904)
"Patience, an easy virtue of the tropics, from whence the great blue heron comes, characterizes its habits when we observe them at the north. ..."

3. The Ibis by British Ornithologists' Union (1901)
"Chapman on the great blue heron of America. [Anew race of the Greut Him- Ili-ron. with ... great blue heron ..."

4. A Popular Handbook of the Ornithology of Eastern North America by Thomas Nuttall (1896)
"Similar to the great blue heron, but larger and of paler tint; under parts white, narrowly streaked with black; plumes silvery gray; legs and feet olive. ..."

5. Camps and Cruises of an Ornithologist: By Frank M. Chapman by Frank Michler Chapman (1908)
"THE FLORIDA great blue heron AND THE WATER TURKEY In 1858, when Bryant located Pelican Island as "twenty miles north of Fort Capron," he took for his base ..."

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