Definition of Greater kudu

1. Noun. A variety of kudu.

Exact synonyms: Tragelaphus Strepsiceros
Generic synonyms: Koodoo, Koudou, Kudu

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Literary usage of Greater kudu

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Shots and Snapshots in British East Africa by Edward Bennet (1914)
"Of all African antelope the greater kudu is undoubtedly the finest, ... The greater kudu stands about 58 inches at the shoulder; his coat is of a grey ..."

2. The Big Game of Africa by Richard Tjader (1910)
"CHAPTER XI THE LARGER EAST AFRICAN ANTELOPES (Continued) THE greater kudu is one of the most coveted prizes for the East African ..."

3. In Pursuit of the "Mad" Mullah: Service and Sport in the Somali Protectorate by Malcolm McNeill, Arthur Charles Hugh Dixon (1902)
"... in Somaliland—The Somali's way of regarding depredations of lions—Plea for lions and appeal for their preservation— Disease amongst greater kudu. ..."

4. African Camp Fires by Stewart Edward White (1913)
"XLVI THE greater kudu NEXT morning, in a joking manner, I tried to impress Kongoni with a sense of delinquency in not knowing better his directions, ..."

5. Records of Big Game: With Their Distribution, Characteristics, Dimensions by Rowland Ward (1899)
"Frontlet and Horns of greater kudu, from F. lT. Barber's specimen. 42 39i 3'i 24 Mashonaland South Africa . 40J 40 39 4'i IOi 3- 32i Do. ..."

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