Definition of Green turtle soup

1. Noun. Soup usually made of the flesh of green turtles.

Exact synonyms: Turtle Soup
Generic synonyms: Soup

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Literary usage of Green turtle soup

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Hotel Meat Cooking: Comprising Hotel and Restaurant Fish and Oyster Cooking by Jessup Whitehead (1901)
"green turtle soup. Any tolerably good cook now can make a meat soup of beef and veal and add canned turtle to it, with wine and lemon and he makes a turtle ..."

2. The Murrey Collection of Cookery Books by Thomas Jefferson Murrey (1895)
"green turtle soup.—Many housewives imagine that green turtle is too expensive, and too difficult to prepare for household use, and for these reasons it is ..."

3. The Madeira Islands by Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle (1899)
"... and its flesh is made into a soup,1 which, while inferior to the green-turtle soup relished by 1 Another dish is octopus-soup ; see Chapter XXVI., ..."

4. The Picayune Creole Cook Book (1922)
"green turtle soup. Soupe à la Tortue 2 Pounds of Turtle Meat, or a 2-Pound Turtle. 2 Fine Large Onions. 6 Cloves. 1 Square Inch of Ham. 6 Allspice. ..."

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