Definition of Guayaquil

1. Noun. The largest city of Ecuador.

Generic synonyms: City, Metropolis, Urban Center
Group relationships: Ecuador, Republic Of Ecuador

Definition of Guayaquil

1. Proper noun. The largest city in Ecuador, and capital of the state of Guayas ¹

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Literary usage of Guayaquil

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A General Collection of the Best and Most Interesting Voyages and Travels in by John Pinkerton (1813)
"THOUGH there is no certainty with regard to the time when guayaquil was founded ... or according to others, in i535, the building of guayaquil may be fixed ..."

2. A Voyage to South America: Describing at Large the Spanish Cities, Towns by Antonio de Ulloa, John Adams (1806)
"... there is no certainty with regard to the time when guayaquil was founded, ... or, according to others, in 1535, the building of guayaquil may be fixed ..."

3. The Journal of Experimental Medicine by Rockefeller University, Rockefeller Institute, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (1919)
"The yellow fever cases occurring in guayaquil present no special feature; the disease is classic in all its aspects. For the sake of clearness the general ..."

4. The New American Cyclopaedia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge by George Ripley (1859)
"The sea coast is very irregular, being broken by many prominent headlands, bordered with islands, and deeply indented toward the S. by the gulf of guayaquil ..."

5. Appletons' Annual Cyclopædia and Register of Important Events of the Year (1885)
"Early in January, 1884, it was reported from guayaquil that that section was suffering from continued dry weather. The rainy season ordinarily begins in ..."

6. Extracts from a Journal: Written on the Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico by Basil Hall (1827)
"IN the latter end of the year 1820, guayaquil declared itself independent of the Spanish authority ; framed a new government; established laws, ..."

7. The American Cyclopædia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge by Charles Anderson Dana (1874)
"guayaquil is the chief commercial centre of Ecuador; the principal articles of export ... A new road from guayaquil to Quito is in rapid progress (1874), ..."

8. A Historical and Descriptive Narrative of Twenty Years' Residence in South by William Bennet Stevenson (1829)
"Canoes Merchants of guayaquil. ON my arrival at Lima, his Excellency the Count Ruis de Castilla solicited me as an attendant to accompany him to Quito, ..."

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