Definition of Gulf of riga

1. Noun. An inlet of the Baltic Sea between Latvia and Estonia.

Group relationships: Baltic, Baltic Sea
Generic synonyms: Gulf

Definition of Gulf of riga

1. Proper noun. The inland body of water that is part of the Baltic Sea in eastern Europe and is near Latvia and Estonia. ¹

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Literary usage of Gulf of riga

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Story of the Great War by Francis Joseph Reynolds, Allen Leon Churchill, Leonard Wood, Francis Trevelyan Miller, Austin Melvin Knight, Frederick Palmer, Frank Herbert Simonds, Arthur Brown Ruhl (1919)
"They also play an important part in the complete control of the Gulf of Riga, the entrances to which they command. With these islands in German hands it ..."

2. The Great War by George Henry Allen, Henry C. Whitehead, French Ensor Chadwick (1919)
"Attempted landing of the Germans in the Gulf of Riga. Evacuation of Brest-Litovsk, August 25th. The Tsar's resolution to command the armies in person, ..."

3. The New York Times Current History (1917)
"Germans Control Gulf of Riga When the Germans occupied Riga in the first week of September it was obvious that this port could be of little use to them ..."

4. The Law of Blockade: As Contained in the Report of Eight Cases Argued and by James Parker Deane (1855)
"That question is one of no small importance, and it is this, whether the port of Riga, and, I may say, all the Russian ports within the Gulf of Riga, ..."

5. Reports of Prize Cases Determined in the High Court of Admiralty: Before the by Edward Stanley Roscoe, Great Britain High Court of Admiralty (1905)
"I shall now consider the question whether the port of Biga, and, I may say, all the Russian ports within the Gulf of Riga, Pernau, and others, ..."

6. A System of Geography, Popular and Scientific: Or A Physical, Political, and by James Bell (1832)
"The Gulf of Riga is bordered by the Isle of Oesel, and the coasts of ... 9th, The Pernau, a Livonian river, falling into the Gulf of Riga at Pernau. ..."

7. Economic Aspects of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Ship Channel by Roy Samuel MacElwee, Alfred Hotchkiss Ritter (1921)
"Southward of the Gulf of Riga, the Baltic rarely, if ever, freezes. ... the Gulf of Riga rarely freezes over, but usually ice makes out from the shores from ..."

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