Definition of Gum-lac

1. Noun. An inferior lac produced by lac insects in Madagascar.

Generic synonyms: Lac

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Literary usage of Gum-lac

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A French-English Dictionary for Chemists by Austin McDowell Patterson (1921)
"laque, lac, gum lac. ... sauvage, (Rubber) wild rubber, as contrasted with plantation rubber. gomme-laque, /. lac, gum lac. ... vt treat with gum lac, ..."

2. Wöhler's Outlines of Organic Chemistry by Friedrich Wöhler, Ira Remsen, Rudolph Fittig (1873)
"gum-lac is produced in consequence of the sting of an insect (Coccus laced) in the ... gum-lac contains several other products, originated by the insects, ..."

3. A Voyage to Madagascar and the East Indies by Alexis Rochon, Brunel (1792)
"Some people prefer the gamboge of Siam to that of China. GUM LAC. THIS gum, employed in the ... GUM LAC."

4. The Annual Register, Or, A View of the History, Politics, and Literature for by Edmund Burke, Benjamin Franklin Collection (Library of Congress), John Davis Batchelder Collection (Library of Congress) (1818)
"The gum lac is said to be produced from the ber or beyer tree, ... The insect and its cell has gone under the various names of gum lac, lac tree, ..."

5. Elements of the Art of Dyeing: With a Description of the Art of Bleaching by by Claude-Louis Berthollet, Amédée B. Berthollet, Andrew Ure (1824)
"Of Lac, or Gum Lac. LAC is a substance of a more or less deep red colour, which is brought to us from India, under different forms. ..."

6. Mackenzie's five thousand receipts in all the useful and domestic arts by Colin MacKenzie (1853)
"If this method be followed, it will be proper it- substitute for the sandarac the same quantity ul gum lac reduced to powder, and not to add tin tur- ..."

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