Definition of Gun carriage

1. Noun. A framework on which a gun is mounted for firing.

Specialized synonyms: Barbette Carriage
Generic synonyms: Framework

Definition of Gun carriage

1. Noun. A metal frame on which a piece of ordnance is mounted for firing or transportation. ¹

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Literary usage of Gun carriage

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Life and Public Services of Edwin M. Stanton by George Congdon Gorham (1899)
"... there being one gun carriage, and having shot for the 15-inch gun, the 12-inch gun be dismounted, and the 15-inch gnn substituted in its stead. ..."

2. Appletons' Annual Cyclopaedia and Register of Important Events (1871)
"mounted on a gun-carriage of tho general form used for field-guns, but of special construction in detail. The three guns at Shoeburyness have each ten ..."

3. Encyclopædia Britannica: Or, A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and by Colin MacFarquhar, George Gleig (1797)
"... upon which the gun-carriage is moved, and by the gudgeon always kept in its ... is equally broad with the fore-part of the gun-carriage, and about four ..."

4. Engineer and Artillery Operations Against the Defences of Charleston Harbor by Quincy Adams Gillmore (1865)
"I think they will be found as good or better than the authorized iron gun carriage. 133. A modification of this plan is used at Black Island for a ..."

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