Definition of H

1. Noun. A nonmetallic univalent element that is normally a colorless and odorless highly flammable diatomic gas; the simplest and lightest and most abundant element in the universe.

Exact synonyms: Atomic Number 1, Hydrogen
Specialized synonyms: Tritium
Generic synonyms: Chemical Element, Element, Gas
Substance meronyms: H2o, Water
Derivative terms: Hydrogenate

2. Noun. A unit of inductance in which an induced electromotive force of one volt is produced when the current is varied at the rate of one ampere per second.
Exact synonyms: Henry
Generic synonyms: Inductance Unit
Terms within: Abhenry, Millihenry

3. Noun. The constant of proportionality relating the energy of a photon to its frequency; approximately 6.626 x 10^-34 joule-second.

4. Noun. The 8th letter of the Roman alphabet.

5. Noun. (thermodynamics) a thermodynamic quantity equal to the internal energy of a system plus the product of its volume and pressure. "Enthalpy is the amount of energy in a system capable of doing mechanical work"
Exact synonyms: Enthalpy, Heat Content, Total Heat
Generic synonyms: Physical Property
Category relationships: Thermodynamics

Definition of H

1. Letter. (Latn-def en letter 8 aitch) ¹

2. Number. (Latn-def en ordinal 8 aitch) ¹

3. Noun. (slang) A street term for heroin. ¹

4. Noun. (baseball) hits Hits, the number of hits by a given batter in a given season. ¹

5. Noun. (British) A grade of pencil with lead that makes lighter marks than a pencil grade HB but darker marks than a pencil of grade 2H; a pencil with hard lead. ¹

6. Noun. Hentai. ¹

7. Letter. (Latn-def en letter 8 aitch) ¹

8. Number. (Latn-def en ordinal 8 aitch) ¹

9. Initialism. (baseball) the statistic reporting the number of hits by a player ¹

10. Initialism. (slang) heroin ¹

11. Initialism. (computing) hexadecimal (following a number) ¹

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Medical Definition of H

1. Abbreviation or symbol for hyperopia or hyperopic; horizontal; Hauch; Holzknecht unit; henry, unit of electrical inductance; hydrogen; the Fraunhofer line at lambda 3968 due to calcium; histidine; magnetic field strength; heroin. Symbol for enthalpy, heat content, in the equation for free energy. Symbol for hecto-; height; hour. Symbol for Planck's constant; h = h/2π. H+ is the symbol for hydrogen ion, the proton. (05 Mar 2000)

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