Definition of H. g. wells

1. Noun. Prolific English writer best known for his science-fiction novels; he also wrote on contemporary social problems and wrote popular accounts of history and science (1866-1946).

Exact synonyms: Herbert George Wells, Wells
Generic synonyms: Author, Writer

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Literary usage of H. g. wells

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. On Contemporary Literature by Stuart Pratt Sherman (1917)
"n THE UTOPIAN NATURALISM OF HG WELLS (BEFORE THE WAR) IT is a singularly incurious person who has never looked into the books of HG Wells; for through his ..."

2. Heretics by Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1905)
"V — Mr. HG Wells and the Giants WE ought to see far enough into a hypocrite to see even his sincerity. We ought to be interested in that darkest and most ..."

3. The Quarterly Review by John Gibson Lockhart, George Walter Prothero, William Gifford, Sir John Taylor Coleridge, Whitwell Elwin, William Macpherson, Baron Rowland Edmund Prothero Ernle, Sir William Smith (1908)
"By HG Wells. London : Chapman and Hall,. 3. New Worlds for Old. By HG Wells. London : Constable,. 4. Varuna. Von Willibald Hentschel. Leipzig : Fritsch,. ..."

4. Some Modern Novelists: Appreciations and Estimates by Helen Thomas Follett, Wilson Follett (1918)
"... IX HG WELLS WHAT all of us most admire in Mr. HG Wells, \ both those who oppose and those who applaud, is of course the unmatched versatile intensity ..."

5. The Letters of Henry James by Henry James (1920)
"To HG Wells. With reference to the following letter, Mr. Wells kindly allows me to quote a passage from his answer, dated July 8, 1915, to the preceding: ". ..."

6. Some Impressions of My Elders by St. John Greer Ervine (1922)
"HG WELLS THERE are men, such as Dr. Johnson, who are mentally active and physically torpid, ... So is Mr. HG Wells. I imagine that Mr. Wells is more active, ..."

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