Definition of Habenaria

1. Noun. Chiefly terrestrial orchids with tubers or fleshy roots often having long slender spurs and petals and lip lobes; includes species formerly placed in genus Gymnadeniopsis.

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Literary usage of Habenaria

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Rhodora by New England Botanical Club (1908)
"The living specimens which I have examined have all been deliciously fragrant as is the case with typical H. dilatata. habenaria ..."

2. Report of the Geological Survey of Ohio by Geological Survey of Ohio (1893)
"Lake Co., Wm. C. Werner; Lorain Co., AA Wright (Cat) habenaria HYPERBOREA (L.) R. ... Frequent in northern Ohio; Licking Co., HL Jones (Cat.) habenaria LF. ..."

3. Our Native Orchids: A Series of Drawings from Nature of All the Species by William Hamilton Gibson, Helena Dewey Leeming Jelliffe (1905)
"genus habenaria, or Rein-Orchis, as the Greek name signifies, ... The genus habenaria contains some of the larger plants of our American orchids. ..."

4. The Various Contrivances by which Orchids are Fertilized by Insects by Charles Darwin (1889)
"The viscid disc is formed of au upper membrane with a layer of viscid matter beneath. habenaria or Platanthera ..."

5. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington by Biological Society of Washington (1904)
"However, many flowers were still in good condition, and made possible a careful comparative study of both species in the field. habenaria ..."

6. Michigan Flora: A List of the Fern and Seed Plants Growing Without Cultivation by William James Beal (1904)
"habenaria bracteata (Willd.) R. Br. Ann Arbor and Emmet Co., Winch. ... habenaria Hookeriana A. Gray. SE Winch. Cat.; Hubbardston; Flint; Lake Superior, ..."

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